Within the last decade, the promotions industry have benefited from advances in print technology where full-colour images can be printed directly on to the product. This allowed product decorators to offer clients the added advertising appeal that a full photographic image can offer and consequently, it has been very well received in the industry. Although this was a big leap forward in technology, the process produces relatively low resolution images with a very restricted colour gamut when compared with, say, magazine quality images.

Our technical team set about developing a new print system for product decoration with the aim of dramatically improving both the resolution and colour gamut of the printed image. We are now ready to launch this new system as UltraHD printing.

A picture speaks a thousand words so have a look at the comparison in this inter active PDF of the standard system and our new and unique Ultr aHD system of printing. As you will see, Resolution, Edge Definition, Colour Gamut and Colour Gradation are dramatically improved to near magazine quality. This service is now available on a range of round pens and some flat items. We believe this print service will augment our current product offering and allow marketers to exploit the full potential of high definition print.
Find out more information about the benefits, print area comparisons and range by clicking here.